Ellen in Dublin: exhibition in the Botany Department, Trinity College

Celebrating Ellen Hutchins: Trinity College Dublin

The Ellen Hutchins exhibition in Trinity College Dublin has now closed. On display were some wonderful specimens of seaweed that Ellen collected in Bantry Bay over two hundred years ago. These are held in the Herbarium at Trinity, and are on display here for the first time ever. Alongside the specimens were letters Ellen wrote to botanist James Mackay at Trinity and ones written by her to her brothers, telling them of her success in botany. There were prints of Ellen’s drawings of seaweed and panels telling her story in words and pictures.

Shevaun Doherty making a start on the drawing of one of Ellen’s specimens from the Herbarium.

The big draw on the final Thursday was the added delight of being able to join award-winning botanical artist Shevaun Doherty as she demonstrated the beauty of botanical painting. Shevaun was painting one of Ellen’s specimens. This was a very special end to the exhibition Celebrating Ellen Hutchins.

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