Limited editions prints of one of Ellen’s drawings and a new book on Ellen are available to purchase via this page.

Limited edition prints

Watercolour drawing of seaweed

Fucus asparagoides (Bonnemaisonia asparagoides) 1811

By Ellen Hutchins (1785-1815) Ireland’s First Female Botanist

Issued for the Ellen Hutchins Festival in Bantry Bay, Ireland, Heritage Week, August 2015

Ellen’s drawings are exquisite, with an incredible level of detail, and great accuracy. This is a high quality print with careful colour balancing that does justice to the original. We show a low resolution image here, for obvious reasons.

This print is taken from the one drawing owned by the Hutchins family. It was one of the images displayed in Bantry House in the first ever exhibition of Ellen Hutchins’ drawings in the Republic of Ireland, August 2015. The original drawing has been shown in the Pop Up exhibitions during the Ellen Hutchins Festivals, and at Archives Session at the Boole Library, University College Cork. The Print Edition is limited to 200, to reflect the 200th anniversary of Ellen’s death.

On Ellen’s plant list, of over 1100 plants she identified and listed in the Bantry Bay area, she noted that she found Fucus asparagoides at Ardnagashel. This was her brother Arthur’s home, and where she lived for the last nine months of her life, dying there on 9th February 1815.

Supplied unmounted on A4 paper, as is the original drawing; it would suit an A4 frame without a mount, or A3 or larger with a mount. The Bantry House exhibition used frames 400mm by 500mm. A back sheet gives information about the image. Purchase prints either in Ireland in Euros by cheque or PayPal, or in the UK in Sterling, by cheque or PayPal.

Ireland €25 for one print or €45 for two including post and packing within Ireland. Either send a cheque made payable to Ellen Hutchins Festival with your name and full postal address in Ireland to Clare Headman, NPWS. Main Gate Lodge, Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve, Glengarriff, Co. Cork or order now and pay with PayPal (€).

In West Cork, prints are on sale in Bantry at the Crafts Shop, Bantry Bookshop and Forest and Flock. They are also sold at Future Forests, Keakil; at €25 each.

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Ellen Hutchins print(s)

UK £20 for one print or £35 for two including post and packing within the UK. Either send a cheque made payable to Madeline Hutchins with your name and full postal address in the UK to Madeline Hutchins, Chaldon Court, Church Lane, Chaldon, Caterham, CR3 5AL, or order now and pay with PayPal (£).

Income from print sales goes towards the costs of organising Ellen Hutchins Festival events in the Bantry Bay area each August in Heritage Week, (17-25 August 2019).

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Ellen Hutchins Book for sale

This new book on Ellen Hutchins (1785-1815), was written by Madeline Hutchins and beautifully designed by Jenny Dempsey. Published in 2019, this small volume (44 pages) provides a comprehensive introduction to Ellen’s life and work and is heavily illustrated with photographs of the Bantry Bay area (past and present), along with images of the plants that Ellen studied and her exquisite drawings & specimens. The book is on sale in Bantry Bookshop and other local outlets for €15 or can be ordered online for €17.50 including P&P.

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